God Power Healing Ministry - About Us - Austell, GA
God Power Healing Ministry - To preach the gospel everywhere

Pastor Ferdinand Akaya was born in 1974 in Muea, Cameroon West Africa.  He is happily married to LaWanda Akaya, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Pastor Akaya was informed there was no cure for his terminal disease (heart, lung, and  kidney failure) medically and he was rejected by several doctors and sent home to die. He turned to our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus, who is the same God of yesterday, today and forever and gave his life.  The blood of Jesus then totally healed Pastor Akaya.

After the total healing of his body he was called to preach the gospel. He founded God Power Healing Ministry. God blessed Pastor Akaya with the gift of healing, and charged him with speaking the truth. He is a radical man of God and the Lord is using him in a mighty way.  Pastor Akaya is the Senior Pastor of God Power Healing Ministry.

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